Residential Recyling in Holland, MI

Rethink use cycle

By rethinking the way our community recycles, we can all have a positive impact on our environment. Recycling is an easy way for us all to make a difference in our community, our economy, and beyond.

Recycling Pick-Up ScheduleHow Do I Recycle?

I want to recycle

There’s a place to properly recycle or dispose of anything including appliances or hazardous waste. Search here to find out where to dispose these items responsibly.

The first date of cart collection for residents in Zone A is May 3rd. For residents in Zone B it is May 10th.

City of Holland,
It’s Time for an Upgrade

Holland has a great recycling participation rate, but recent studies show yellow bags break and recycling is lost in the trash. Switching from yellow bags to carts for recycling collection is a more efficient, cost-effective approach—a true win-win.

Carts will be dropped off at your residence in April along with important program information. First collection of recycling carts will be the week of May 3. Your collection day will remain the same, but recycling pick-up will move to every other week starting in May.

Holland tiene una gran tasa de participación en el reciclaje, pero estudios recientes muestran que las bolsas amarillas se rompen y el reciclaje se pierde en la basura. El cambio de bolsas amarillas a carritos para la recolección de reciclaje es un enfoque más eficiente y rentable, un verdadero beneficio mutuo.

Los carritos de reciclaje se entregarán en su residencia en Month abril con información importante del programa. La primera recolección de carritos de reciclaje será la semana del 3 de mayo. Su día de recolección seguirá siendo el mismo, pero la recolección de reciclaje se moverá cada dos semanas a partir de mayo.

Recycling 101

What Items Count as Recyclable?


Paper & Cardboard

Flattened cardboard, newspaper, magazines, office paper and common mail can be recycled as long as they aren’t contaminated by food, liquid or waste.


Metal Cans

Steel or aluminum cans are recyclable as long all residue is cleaned out.



You can recycle both clear and colored glass containers that are empty and clean. Do not recycle broken glass, shards, or lightbulbs.


Plastic Bottles & Jugs

While rigid plastic containers like water bottles, milk jugs and detergent containers can go in your curbside cart, flexible plastics like grocery bags, bubble wrap and Styrofoam® require special handling and can’t be recycled curbside.

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What Isn’t Recyclable?


Commonly Mistaken Items

Styrofoam®, paper masks, plastic bags, clothes and many other materials are NOT recyclable through your curbside service. Many items can break and clog recycling equipment or put recycling workers at risk. Read the full list on our How to Recycle page.


No Soiled or Wet Materials

Just one dirty item could contaminate many other recyclables, so make sure items are empty, clean and dry.


No Mixed or Connected Materials

When two or more materials (like plastic and cardboard) are connected they cannot be recycled as is, even if they’re all recyclable.

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How to Prepare It

Don't Use a Bag

Never bag, box-up, bundle or tie your recyclables. Items should be placed in the curbside cart individually.

Empty. Clean. Dry.

All items that you place in your recycling cart need to be emptied of their contents, cleaned of all residue, and free of moisture. Just one dirty item could contaminate all of the other recyclables.

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