City Delivers Recycling Carts to Holland Residents

As Featured in the Holland Sentinel

image of a blue City of Holland recycling bin with an orange lid

HOLLAND — Holland residents began receiving their new recycling carts this week as the city launches curbside recycling with the goal of improving the recycling success rate in the city. 

Bi-weekly recycling collection from the new 96-gallon carts will begin in May. 

Since 2010, the city, through its single-hauler contract with trash hauler Republic Services, has used a bagged recycling system, where recyclables are collected in yellow plastic bags which are placed in the same bin as the trash and sorted after collection. 

A city task force recently found that 75 percent of these recycling bags were damaged in transit to the sorting facility, resulting in some or all of the materials becoming mixed in with the trash or contaminated…