Recycling Carts

Recycling carts are an integral part of adapting our waste management practices to ensure that we meet Holland’s conservation goals. They are a great way for Holland to become more environmentally sustainable.

Why Carts?

The City of Holland recently conducted a residential solid waste study, which determined our “yellow bags” are no longer the most sustainable way for the Holland community to continue recycling. Carts offer a number of benefits including:

Greater Convenience

Reduced Contamination of Valuable Materials

How Do I Use My Cart?

Using your recycling cart is as simple as 1-2-3.


Place all clean, condensed and recycle ready items in your cart without bagging or bundling.

Do not use the yellow bags to bag your recyclables.


Every other week on your regularly scheduled pickup day, prepare your blue recycle cart for pickup by closing the lid and placing curbside in an easily accessible area with the opening facing the street.


After pickup, wheel your cart back to a safe place on the side or behind your home or garage until the next pickup.

For more on our transition from bags to carts take a look
at our Recycling FAQ’s